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When can 90mm deep bricks be used in building instead of the standard 110mm

The use of 90mm deep bricks instead of the standard 110mm bricks in building construction can depend on various factors and local building regulations. Here are a few scenarios where 90mm deep bricks may be used


Non-load-bearing walls

 In some cases, 90mm deep bricks can be used for non-load-bearing walls, such as partition walls or internal walls that do not support the weight of the structure. These walls primarily serve to divide the space and do not bear any significant loads.


Lightweight construction

 In certain types of lightweight construction methods, such as timber or steel frame construction, thinner bricks may be employed to reduce the overall weight of the structure. These systems often incorporate additional structural components that bear the loads, making the thinner brickwork purely decorative or for providing insulation.


Renovation or refurbishment 

When renovating or refurbishing existing buildings, using 90mm deep bricks can be advantageous if matching the existing brickwork thickness is not necessary. It can help save space and reduce the overall weight added to the structure.



It’s important to note that local building codes and regulations may dictate specific requirements for wall thickness and load-bearing capabilities. Before using 90mm deep bricks, it is recommended to consult with a qualified architect, engineer, or local building authority to ensure compliance with the relevant regulations and structural safety.